Daniela Domingos

May Eve


Modern Day, Wales, the evening before May 1st. Mari (16) listens bored as her grandmother, Noni, tells her a tale of May Eve, the time of the year where the veil between the human and the spirit world is at its most thin, and young girls should stay inside. Mari, once scared by these stories, is now older and unaffected, she intends to go out.
Our story follows Mari as she sneaks out of her bedroom and unwittingly into a world of goblins, fairies and witches. Our story subverts traditional Welsh folklore to explore themes of sexism, male violence and female solidarity.


Directed by
Daniela Raquel Domingos

Chloe Falcon

Daniela Raquel Domingos and Chloe Falcon

Produced by
Helena Robinson

Sound by
Julia Ziembicka

Edited by
Helena Robinson

Production Design by
Laura Toes Anna Lew Phillips and Abbie Jenkins

Costume Design by
Lewis Waterworth and Libby Weeks

Hair and Makeup by
Megan Rhiannon Wilcox Tasha Baldwin and Sarah Stroughair

Graphics by
Chloe Robert

Music by
Alek Kaczan and The Kickers

Heledd Howells
Sara Harris Davis
India Sweeting
Lucas Edwards
Elizah Appiah
Ewa Ladkowska
Hannah Beth