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Daniela Domingos

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Hi, I'm Daniela


Grounded in real-life experiences and connections with people, I breathe emotion in my projects. Eager to develop stories that inspire, my relentless pursuit is to establish a prominent presence in the Film & TV industry as a director.



I’m Daniela Raquel Domingos, a creative professional with a passion for visual storytelling and a deep appreciation for art and culture. I graduated with First Class Honours from the University of South Wales and have since embarked on an exciting journey as an entrepreneur. I am the founder of Northern Creative Media, a business dedicated to assisting small to medium-sized companies in expanding their online presence.

In the realm of filmmaking, I’ve expanded my horizons, contributing to several independent productions, notably three ‘It’s My Shout Projects’ and two ‘Running Cliche’ endeavours. Parallel to this, I actively work on personal projects, with an emphasis on short films, pushing creative boundaries.

Diversifying my creative portfolio, I’ve embraced the world of social media content creation, crafting unique projects tailor-made for various platforms. Through Northern Creative Media, I offer an array of services, including social media management, photography, videography, and website development. The mission is clear: empower businesses in the digital age through captivating visual content and strategic online solutions.

A true creative at heart, I find profound fulfilment and a sense of purpose in crafting authentic photos, drawings, stories, and films. It’s not just my passion; it’s the driving force that empowers me and allows me to capture the raw essence of reality through my lens.

Join me on my creative odyssey, where every project is a testament to my boundless passion for artistry and storytelling. For inquiries or collaborations, don’t hesitate to make contact—I’m always eager to explore new creative horizons.

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